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Providing Filtration & Pumping Solutions Since 1988

Service Filtration of Canada has been successfully supplying hundreds of companies across Canada for over 30 years by sourcing and supplying the best equipment available. We stock and distribute: Pumps, Filtration Equipment, Heaters, Power Supplies/Rectifiers, and much more; directly from industry leading manufactures. Service Filtration of Canada was founded in 1988 and has grown to serve dozens of industries across all provinces in the country. Our team has over 75 years of combined experience and is dedicated to your liquid handling needs. Our core values are: Honesty, Quality, and Excellent Service.

We are an Authorized Distributor and Service Center for the below Manufacturers (Click for Catalogues)

Industries Where Our Equipment Operates

Aerospace & Defence

Air Pollution Control

Automotive Manufacturing

Chemical Manufacturing

Energy (Oil, Gas, and Renewables)

Electronics Manufacturing

Electroplating & Anodizing

Food & Beverage

Metals & Mining

Original Equipment Manufacturing


Pulp & Paper

Surface Treatment

University Research

Water Transfer 

Water & Wastewater Treatment

The Sourcing Process, Over 75 Years of Experience

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Featured Equipment Categories

We stock and distribute many pieces of equipment from different manufacturers. This allows us to offer our customers alternative solutions to optimize their application processes while minimizing their costs. Our solutions may lead to: reduced emissions, reduced waste, energy savings, lower maintenance costs, and most importantly, a risk reduction in system failure. Contact us today for more information.

Air Operated Double Diaphragm (AODD) Pumps

Finish Thompson Air pumps have become the number one AODD pumps in the industry. They can be configured for virtually any application and have FDA compliant materials/configurations. Finish Thompson is a growing manufacturer of fluid transfer pumps in the USA and is recognized internationally as an industry leader and innovator. Service Filtration of Canada represents them across all of Canada as their stocking distributor. The combination of competitive pricing, delivery, and superior quality is the reason for our success. We are excited to introduce their products to companies across the country as we are certain our products and services will add tremendous value to any organization in the industry. Contact us today for selection and a quote!

Filtration Systems

Filtration Systems manufactured by Serfilco were originally designed and introduced for the most aggressive chemistries the electroplating and surface finishing industries had to offer. Today our filtration systems have gained world-wide acceptance for nearly every application where critical filtration and purification of process solutions is required. Materials of construction offer the complete range of engineering grade thermo plastics, including PVC, CPVC, PVDF, and PP. Metallic systems are available of rubber lined or unlined carbon steel, SS304, and SS316. 

Filtration Media

Service Filtration of Canada proudly supplies many companies across Canada with thousands of filter cartridges and bags each year. We are probably best known for providing one of the widest selections of filter cartridges on the planet; string wound, melt blown, pleated, wire mesh, sintered porous and more. Available materials of construction include paper, polypropylene, polyester, melamine, cotton, glass, fibrillated polypropylene, SS316, SS304, PVDF, and more including proprietary materials for highly aggressive applications. 

Industrial Pumps

Our technical team has over 75 years of experience in pump selection, assembly, and, repair. Our pumping equipment is in many industries such as: Chemical Manufacturing, Metals & Mining, Water and Wastewater, OEM Manufacturing, Paints & Coatings, Electroplating & Anodizing, Pulp & Paper, and many more. We only partner with industry leading pump manufacturers and give our customers the best options for their application. Flow range: 0.1 GPM to over 50,000 GPM.

Filter Chambers

Our Filter Chambers are offered for use with single open ended or double open ended depth type, wound, pleated, melt-blown, or carbon cartridges. Our range of filter chambers also includes those that accept, bag, bulk resins and carbons. Materials of construction range from PVC to PP, PVDF, CPVC and our exclusive high temperature PP, known as PPP. Our metallic filter vessels are available in carbon steel, SS304 and SS316, many are designed according to ASME standards and are available non-stamped or code stamped.

Electric Immersion Heaters & Controls

We are proud to be a top distributor for Process Technology, a leading North American manufacture of: Electric Immersion Heaters, Power Supplies & Rectifiers, and Liquid level Controls. Process Technology and Service Filtration of Canada have been providing companies across Canada with thermal solutions to their industrial processes.

Honesty, Quality, and Excellent Service

Our core business products and services are: industry leading equipment, equipment selection, assembly, and repair. Successfully serving hundreds of companies across North America since 1988. 

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